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ScienCell's Human Astrocytes (HA) - Immunostaining for GFAP, 200x.

Not All Primary Cells are Created Equal

Primary cells, which are isolated directly from tissue, show normal cell morphology and maintain many of the important markers and functions seen in vivo. Primary cells, though, have a finite lifespan and limited expansion capacity, so it is critical to use primary cells at low passage for your research.


Circadian Clock and its connection to Breast Cancer

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Jeffrey C Hall, Michael Rosbash, and Michael W Young for research that established key mechanistic principles on how circadian… Read more »

Perspectives on Cancer

Perspectives on Cancer

Cancer is a collection of over 200 diseases where the only common denominator is rogue cells1,2.  The ways in which a cell can go rogue is so varied that cancer… Read more »

Rat Neurons-hippocampal #R1540

Neurological Disease Therapy through Regulation of Reactive Oxygen Species Levels

ScienCell’s Rat Hippocampal Neurons Used in Recent Neurological Disease Therapy Research Published in Scientific Reports Journal Neurons are dynamically polarized cells responsible for electrochemically transmitting information throughout the nervous system. Scientists have characterized hundreds of neuron… Read more »