ScienCell’s Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits: the perfect combination of quality and value

Isolation of high-quality nucleic acids from biological material is a key factor in successful molecular biology research. While approaches vary, most methods aim to do the following: (1) disrupt the cellular structure, (2) denature and inactivate other macromolecules (e.g., proteins, enzymes, etc.), and (3) separate nucleic acids from cell debris and any contaminants.  Some common approaches include organic extraction (e.g., phenol-chloroform-isoamyl alcohol method), differential precipitation (e.g., “salting out” method), and solid-phase extraction, which is the most widely used method today.  Solid-phase extraction utilizes the selective binding of nucleic acids to an ion-exchange matrix, silica-based membrane, magnetic silica particles or other chemistries using appropriate buffer conditions.

Considering time and cost, the silica-based membrane is, by far, the most suitable means for small-scale nucleic acid purification. It selectively binds DNA or RNA at different hydrophobic strengths in the presence of high concentrations of chaotropic salts. After the binding step, the membrane is washed with high concentrations of ethanol to remove the salts and nucleic acids are then eluted using an elution buffer or water. Commercial kits can greatly reduce the extraction time and labor while offering high-quality and reproducible results. As there are many options to choose from, it is important to consider the following factors: (1) sample origin (e.g., blood, tissue, bacteria, plant material, etc.), (2) intended use (i.e., downstream applications), (3) yield, and (4) cost.

In order to support a variety of needs, ScienCell offers a wide range of kits for nucleic acid isolation (Table 1). All of our nucleic acid extraction kits are based on silica-chaotropic technology, and each buffer system is optimized for the appropriate binding capacity of silica-based columns in order to obtain the best possible purity and yield. 

Table 1. ScienCell’s nucleic acid extraction kits

ScienCell Cat #NameUsageDownstream Applications
MB891Viral RNA Isolation kitPurify viral RNA from a cell-free biological sample  RT-PCR detection, next-generation sequencing
MB6908DualPrep DNA/RNA Isolation kitPurify both genomic DNA and total RNA from a single biological samplecDNA synthesis, microarrays, RT-qPCR, RNA-Seq, and Northern blot analysis  
MB6918SpeeDNA Isolation kitPurify genomic DNA from a biological samplePCR, Southern blot analysis, genotyping  
MB6928SpeeDNA Plasmid Miniprep kitIsolate plasmid DNA from bacteriaRestriction enzyme digestion, ligation & transformation, transfection, PCR amplification, and DNA sequencing  
MB6938SpeeDNA Gel Extraction kitIsolate DNA fragment from agarose gel or PCR reactionPCR, restriction digestion, in situ hybridization and cloning

So, what make ScienCell’s kits stand out from the competitors? Firstly, ScienCell’s Viral RNA Isolation Kit provide a superior recovery rate. In August 2020, the FDA developed a SARS-CoV-2 Reference Panel to measure the sensitivity performance within SARS-CoV-2 detection tests granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Combined with ScienCell’s Viral RNA isolation kit, the sensitivity of ScienCell’s SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Real-time RT-PCR (RT-qPCR) Detection Kit (Cat. #RX7038) was ranked #2 by the FDA among all 147 EUA-granted SARS-CoV-2 detection tests. These results highlight the exceptional efficiency and quality using ScienCell’s Viral RNA Isolation Kit.

Secondly, we compared ScienCell’s DualPrep DNA/RNA Isolation Kit with a similar product from a top supplier (Supplier X). Total RNA from 5 x 106 human epithelial cells was purified using ScienCell’s DualPrep DNA/RNA Isolation Kit (in red) or Supplier X’s DNA/RNA Isolation Kit (in blue). RT-qPCR and qPCR analyses were performed using a primer set targeting GAPDH gene with isolated RNA as the template (Figure 1). ScienCell’s DualPrep DNA/RNA Isolation Kit shows comparable yield of mRNA (RT-qPCR results) and no sign of genomic DNA contamination (qPCR results).

Figure 1. Total RNA purified with ScienCell’s DualPrep DNA/RNA Isolation Kit (Cat #MB6908, red) is free of genomic DNA from 5 x 106 human epithelial cells. Similar product from Supplier X is compared in parallel.

We also compared ScienCell’s SpeeDNA Plasmid Miniprep Kit with a similar product from Supplier X (Figure 2). Plasmids, varying in length and copy number, were isolated from E. coli cultures (4 mL each, grown overnight) using the plasmid miniprep kit from ScienCell (in triplicate) or Supplier X. ScienCell’s SpeeDNA Plasmid Miniprep Kit shows reproducible and comparable yield of super-coiled plasmid DNA.

Figure 2. High-quality, reproducible plasmid DNA purification.

Lastly, ScienCell offers high quality products at very competitive pricing (Table 2). For more information on our nucleic acid purification kits and other quality products, please visit our website at or email

Table 2.  Kit price comparison

Type of KitPrice Per Reaction
ScienCellSupplier X
Viral RNA isolation$2.46/rxn (Cat #MB891)$4.68/rxn *
DNA/RNA extraction$6.10/rxn * (Cat #MB6908)$11.40/rxn
DNA isolation$1.58/rxn * (Cat #MB6918)$2.94/rxn *
Plasmid miniprep$0.94/rxn * (Cat #MB6928)$1.68/rxn *
Gel extraction$1.40/rxn * (Cat #MB6938)$2.32/rxn *

* Prices may vary depending on size

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