HLA Genotyping Service


HLA Genotyping Service

ScienCell offers HLA genotyping service using our GeneQuery™ HLA PCR+Sanger SBT Typing Kits (Cat #GK891/GK892/GK893/GK894/GK895/GK896). Simply send us your cell samples or genomic DNA samples and we will deliver results in a timely manner. Typing results will be delivered in the format of 4-digit genotypes (e.g., HLA-A*02:01 and HLA-A*25:01).

Service type Price ($)/sample
HLA-A Genotyping 168
HLA-B Genotyping 168
HLA-C Genotyping 168
HLA-DPB1 Genotyping 168
HLA-DQB1 Genotyping 168
HLA-DRB1 Genotyping 168
Genomic DNA Purification 168

Please inquire below and provide the following information in the email:

  • Institution Name
  • Number of Samples and Sample Names
  • Services Requesting
  • Brief Sample Description (Genomic DNA Concentration and Volume, Cell Types, Cell Numbers, Cell Treatment, Infectious Materials, etc.)

You may also request to genotype the primary cells ScienCell offers. For details, please inquire below.


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