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Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (bFGF) is a member of the FGF family of mitogenic peptides. bFGF is extremely efficient at inducing DNA synthesis in a variety of cell types from mesoderm and neuroectoderm lineages. Use of native bFGF in cell biology however, is limited by the fact that bFGF rapidly degrades at physiological temperatures. ScienCell’s Recombinant Human Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Thermostable is engineered for greater stability, which is bioactive longer than native bFGF. By using rhbFGFTS, supplementation with artificially high concentrations of FGF2 or daily media changes with fresh FGF2 are not necessary. The rhbFGFTS shares more than 97% amino acid identity with the 155-amino-acid human bFGF and leaves the FGF receptor binding sites unmodified.

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